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St. John Health Confidentiality Agreement

It is the policy of St. John Health (SJH) to provide our patients with the level of privacy and confidentiality required under the law, whenever we are confided with medical information concerning any of our patients.

In the course of your work, you may have access to confidential information (oral, written or computer supported information not otherwise available to the public at large) about patients, their families and/or hospital business. Hospital business information includes computer programs, software and supporting documentation, technological improvement plans, strategic plans, financial information and employee information (including but not limited to co-workers and their families).

Therefore, I agree that:

My right to enter or make use of confidential information is restricted to my need to know the data or information to perform my job responsibilities. I will keep my computer access password(s) confidential. If another method of accessing a computer system is used, such as an ID badge, I will restrict its use to myself. I will not discuss any confidential information in public areas, hallways, elevators, etc.

I will hold all confidential information of which I have knowledge in the truest confidence, as required by law. I agree to utilize confidential information obtained by me only for the benefit of the patient or in performance of my job responsibilities.

Unauthorized disclosure, copying and/or misuse of confidential information is a serious breach of duty and will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or contract with SJH. Further, this agreement mandates compliance extending beyond employment, contract or association with SJH, as required by law.

By clicking "I Accept" on the account creation page you indicate that you have read this Confidentiality Agreement and agree to its terms